Welcome to Eat With A Spork!

hand holding a spork

Once upon a time, Jamie and I used to do a live broadcast show on a service called Blog Talk Radio. It was called “Talk on the Rocks”.

It was fun, but we never got many live listeners. The vast majority of our fans would catch us on the archived version.

We later on switched to a video format of the show, and it became Eat With a Spork, where we played YouTube videos, discussed them, and just had a good time laughing with each other.

Again, live viewers were a problem, and shows like that thrive on interactivity. We hung up our show after a dozen or so shows.

Now enter YouNow, which has given us an unprecedented level of live interaction and made broadcasting fun again!

It is in that spirit that we are blowing the dust off the old website, uploading some archived shows to our YouTube channel and inviting you to come hang out with two of the coolest parents on the Internet (by our own estimation.)

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